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Honey Hole Nutrient Pack

Honey Hole Nutrient Pack

Your Price:$8.99
Part Number:ONL-WLD-K-4

• Suggested Timing Application Schedule Inside

• Optimized for Deep Woods Forage Crops

• Each product pre measured

• Vials can be combined for easy application

• Made in The United States of America by an Avid Bow-Hunter
Pre-measured vials for easy mixing • enough for carry and apply. Just find the water source for 1 gallon of water.

Boost your secret WILDS hunting plot back in the woods. Increase growth, vigor, nutrient/protein values and Brix (a.k.a. Sugars) content of forage crops for whitetail deer, turkey, and other wildlife. Use GrowScripts to assure your time invested creates a secret sweetness bound to be stopped by.

Optimization of root and leaf is the most important part of growing food plots. GrowScripts approach is to help care for the overall plant by combining an approach of “Feed The Top” and “Feed The Bottom” by combining  essential products never before available.