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Tropical Fruit Care Kit - for Multiple/Large Plants

Tropical Fruit Care Kit - for Multiple/Large Plants

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Part Number:ONL-TP-K-15

Get the Essentials:

Grow your Tropical Fruits successfully using the essentials proven by the pro's. The GrowScripts Tropical Fruit Care Kit includes the NPK fertilizer your tree craves, a concentrated micronutrient supplement that when mixed with water and applied to the leaves of the plant provide the nutrients needed. In addition, you get a beneficial soil amendment, and a active soil drench. Two products that aid in the retention of water and essential elements, plus beneficial soil biology being proven in the commercial industry. Then GrowScripts tops it all of with the addition of a plant conditioner and insecticide/fungicide/virucide so that you can keep your avocado tree in optimal shape for uptake and photosynthesis.

NOTE: All liquid products are in concentrate form. Product goes a long way - Enough product to treat multiple tropical fruit plants. A little bit goes a long way!

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