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T-Guard Systemic Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide & Insecticide

T-Guard Systemic Bactericide, Fungicide, Virucide & Insecticide

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Part Number:ONL-TG-32
T-Guard is a 100% biodegradable broad spectrum contact and systemic liquid bactericide, fungicide, virucide and insecticide for use in all crops, turf and ornamentals. It controls diseases like Botrytis, Late Blight, Phytophthora and Powdery Mildew and other similar diseases and can be applied regularly. T-Guard can be used as a conventional pesticide, as thyme oil repels pests by a non-toxic mode of action.

Controls Insects and Diseases on a Variety of Crops:
#1. T-Guard is a systemic bactericide, fungicide, virucide & insecticide made from essential Thyme oil.
#2. T-Guard is 100% biodegradable and can be used on a regular basis alone or on rotation with other bactericides, fungicides, virucides and insecticides.
#3. T-Guard has proven to be efficient on citrus, cucurbits, strawberries, tomatoes & watermelons.

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