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3PC Fruit Tree Essentials Kit

3PC Fruit Tree Essentials Kit

Your Price:$19.98
Part Number:ONL-3PC-FTE-15
Grow apples, cherries, peaches, pears and other fruiting trees in the home-scape with ease. Regular applications of a slow release fertilizer and a foliar micronutrient nutritional sprays go a long way in tree health. Plus an additional foliar applied product with calcium and boron to aid in bloom and fruit set.

What You Get:

#1. 3-CUPS of nursery grade 18-5-10 Slow Release Fertilizer that is used by many nurseries in their growing regiment. Packaging includes enough product to cast at the base of a larger size tree or multiple medium sized citrus plants in the ground or a container.

#2. A top notch micronutrient nutritional spray for fruiting trees (enough to make 1-gal. of ready to spray product) that will help your trees thrive. This package is a SUPER concentrated product intended to be applied to the leaves of the plant —A little bit goes a long way which means there is no more need to buy so much “bulk” product that you don't know what to do with.

#3. Calcium-Magnesium-Boron Micronutrient Nutritional is a formulation of chelated calcium, chelated magnesium and boron. When applied at bloom stage Calcium, Magnesium and Boron may intensifying blossom set and aid in less fruit drop. Intended for foliar application to prevent and correct calcium, magnesium and boron deficiencies in plants when used as directed.

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