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2 Piece Nutrient Starter for Small Plants

2 Piece Nutrient Starter for Small Plants

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Part Number:ONL-2PC-NSK-4
Kickstart your Citrus trees in the homescape with applications of a slow release fertilizer and a foliar micronutrient nutritional spray.

What You Get:

#1. A 18-5-10 Slow Release Fertilizer that is used by many nurseries in their growing regiment. Packaging includes just enough product to cast at the base of a newly started tree or plant in the ground or a container.
#2. A top notch micronutrient nutritional spray that will help your newest family member thrive. This package includes a SUPER concentrated product intended to be applied to the leaves of the plant—Making it perfect for multiple foliar applications without the need for buying so much product you don't know what to do with.